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RM 239.00


Made from die-cast metal, and still assembled by hand in Ohio (US), the Stand Mixer is not only elegant, but durable, easy-to-clean and use. The shades, of red, black, silver and cream cater to all tastes, kitchens and cooks! The high quality and timeless, adaptable design of our iconic Stand Mixer helps you create delicious, homemade taste sensations. The original planetary action – which sees the beater rotate in one direction while it whisks and turns in the other, constantly pushes ingredients towards the centre of the bowl. 10 speed settings ensure fast, thorough and precise mixing. The direct drive motor in the head ensures the power is driven directly to the attachments and accessories. The Stand Mixer is efficient, reliable and long lasting. Since cooking is a multi-stage process, the Artisan Stand Mixer is designed as the most versatile kitchen tool. A wide variety of attachments and optional accessories can simply be plugged in. The single multi-purpose hub will allow you to mince meat, slice vegetables, roll and cut pasta, squeeze, chop and process… Do all this and much more with just one appliance!.
RM 2,799.00

Samsung Solo Microwave Oven with Quick Defrost, 23L (MS23K3513AK)

Triple Distribution System Healthy Cooking Quick Defrost
RM 329.00

Samsung Solo Microwave Oven 32L with Food Warming, (MS-32J5133GM)

Solo Microwave Oven with Food Warming,
RM 599.00

PANASONIC 42L Inverter Microwave Convection Oven(NN-CD997SMPQ)

42L Inverter Convection Microwave Oven Working more efficiently than normal ovens, you can now do everything from baking to grilling and microwaving. It features with Convection 1,800W & Grill 1,250W & Microwave 1,000W Power Source and Innovative Inverter Technology.
RM 2,131.10

PANASONIC Panasonic 2 Loaves Bread Maker 1.5/2POUNDS

RM 1,414.20

PANASONIC Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker
RM 112.30

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